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 I just wanted to Say:

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PostSubject: I just wanted to Say:   Sat Jan 10, 2009 8:41 pm

Silverclaw and kala_____

(Can't remember the rest of your name xD Sorry)

Anywho. I jsut wanted to say you're both right about Chase

He's an asshole. And he deserves to rot in hell and die. I hope this rpg does fail. Immensly. With a flamming passion. I hope teh rpg fails. Chase is an asshole. And I can't stand him anymore. I've blocked him out of my life sof ar aside from this forum. And after I'm done with this comment. I'm not gonna log back onto the forum again. So I wont see any comments that disagree with this. So if you wanna yell and call me a bitch and act immature go for it.

I'm just stating my opinion that i believe that these two were right.

And I'm apologizing to them for everything I said or called them

So sorry guys.
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I just wanted to Say:
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