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 Drex The Tamer

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PostSubject: Drex The Tamer   Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:11 am


-;Habbo Name:
-; Wolfwolf32
-;Sex: male


-;Character's Name:
-; Drex Korlax
-; Human
-; Beast Master
-; Male
-; 32
-; 6'4
-; 129
-;Eye Color:
-; Brown
-;Hair Color:
-; Black
-;Physical Description:
-; Loud , Proud , Fun Loving
-;Picture(not necessary):
-; (ill get 1 later)
-; Silver Lance
-;Weapon Picture:
-; None
-;Mount Picture:
-;Character History:
Drex grew up with a dad but no mother. His father was a woodcutter so the two lived outside a forest. Drex would help his dad quite a bit for his father was getting old and ill as the years went by. When Drex turned 19 his father died. He fell over dead while chopping a tree. Drex had no idea what to do he ran into the forest crying. Soon he was lost. Drex walked around that forest for days and after a while he noticed he was never looking for an exit that his mind just made him walk around. He sat by a tree stump on the 9th day and was attacked by a wolf. The wolf was savage and clawed at Drex leaving three scars in a line down his face , left shoulder and chest. Drex grabbed the wolf by the jaws threw him into the tree. The wolf was injured and stayed down. Drex picked up his woodcutters axe and got ready to kill the beast. But he could not, Somthing about the wolf made him stop in his tracks. He dropped the axe and picked up the wolf. A few hours passed and Drex exited the forest. He walked into the village nearby (Who gave him looks for the fact he looked like a savage and the wolf he carried was snarling at anyone who passed by). After going to the "Shaman" or so they call him he was told the tale of a beast master. The shaman told Drex that he himself is destined to become a Beast Master and the wolf he found was the first step. Drex was givin a Lance (the shaman said it will come to use at a later day) and some clothes. He also was givin a necklace with a wolf head shaped symbol.
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Drex The Tamer
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