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 [The Army Of 2] The Forbidden Flame

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PostSubject: [The Army Of 2] The Forbidden Flame   Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:06 pm


-;Habbo Name:TAZ756,Champ34845


-;Character's Name:Kazuke,Kastu
-;Eye Color:
-;Hair Color:RED,WHITE
-;Physical Description:ATHELETIC
-;Picture(not necessary):
-;Weapon Picture:
-;Mount Picture:
-;Character History:Kazuke,and Kastu was born in a small village filled with evil ppl and a no mercy family

Their father was king at one point but was murdered by a rival king then they the dark king took over their village and kazuke and his brother was forced into hiding yrs had past and kazuke,and kastu were older now so he and his brother trained for the day too take back the thrown for ther village sake
they stormed the castle as an army of 2 they droped the kings soldiers one by one the empire fell
after they had murdered the king they found a bababling elf that told them that they should spread ther warrior abilities on the rest of the villages as they did taking on task after task always sticking together fighting side by side with his A Flame as ther guide!
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[The Army Of 2] The Forbidden Flame
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