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 Renai Hanta ;; <3 Character Information <3

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PostSubject: Renai Hanta ;; <3 Character Information <3   Sat Jan 03, 2009 8:50 am


-;Habbo Name: ,Eccentric
-;Sex: Female


-;Character's Name: Renai Hanta
-;Race: Elf
-;Class: Ninja
-;Sex: Female
-;Age: 14
-;Height: 5'3"
-;Weight: 82 lbs.
-;Eye Color: Lavender
-;Hair Color: Light Purple/Silver

-;Physical Description:
Skinny & Pale. Renai's out fit has many small peices. Her clothes (if u can call them such) cover very little of her skin.
This helps Renai to run, jump, and move quickly.
Though it makes her more prone to attacks.
Eccentric, Happy, friendly, mostly likes to keep to herself.


-;Character History:
Renai was raised by humans. Unfortunatlly, the humans began to attack her one day, because of her appearance. Of course, Renai was nowhere near evil or monsterous. At least, she wasnt then. As the humans came after her, she bagan to feel hatred towards them all. So when one of them came after her with a pitchfork, she turned against him and stabbed him. She then ran off into the forest, hoping to find someone to tell her about her appearance. As she walked inbetween the trees, she began to feel very happy.. though she had no idea why. After about 3 days of wandering, she came into a clearing. She looked around the clearing, and saw many people with long pointed ears. She saw one boy who held a certain ... appeal to her. The boy told Renai about everything. How she was an elf, about why she felt so happy around nature. As the boy was explaining, a pure white tiger came from behind him. Renai took one look at the tiger and knew that they were destined to be partners. The next day, a 'army' of Orcs came to the clearing, and began to slaughter the other elfs. They fought back, but did not prevail in the end. Renai hated to fight, so she ran away. Only Renai, her mount, and several others managed to get away in time. Afterwards, Renai traveled off on her own.
Dual kunai, Bo shuriken, katana, Twin blade daggers. (daggers in her waist holster)
-;Weapon Picture:


Treant. / Name: Koshii / Sex: Female / Age: (Unknown) / Height: 3'8" / Weight: 278 lbs.
Koshii is a female treant. She is a pure white tiger. Koshii has a personality just like Renai, in fact,
Renai believes that Koshii's emotions change as hers do.
She is very smart and kind.

-;Some mount info:
When Renai met Koshii in the clearing, she was very attached to her already. Koshii felt the same way.
Ever since, Renai calls out Koshii when ever she gets bored (Which is quite often) to play with her..
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PostSubject: Re: Renai Hanta ;; <3 Character Information <3   Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:42 am

Great picture, btw? Although she's not wearing any clothing. (Literally)
Lul, I see you Icly, My characters gonna ask that, if that's okiez?
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Renai Hanta ;; <3 Character Information <3
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