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 Domonic vladuer 'Paragon of balance'

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PostSubject: Domonic vladuer 'Paragon of balance'   Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:30 am


-;Habbo Name:Zang1010


-;Character's Name:
-;Domonic vlduer


-;Beast Master


-;Eye Color:
-;Hair Color: brown
-;Physical Description:tall mascuain with large white wings, is usually seen wearing borwn clothes. he has blonde hair

-;Personality:outgoing and very peaeful but harm him or his dragon he will hunt u down. he is very charming and likes to make newfriends whenver he can, heis knwoladgable in history of the land mainly in the elven history or drows and elves.
-;Picture(not necessary):

a large blade made of white steel, and also a big crusader shield which when spun and thrown and blades pop out and it turns into a buzz saw.

-;Mount:His pet dragon drake who is one of his most trusted and dear friends. hehasknown drake since he was 13 years old whichwas 3 years after his parent murder.

-;Mount Picture:

-;Character History:
He was abandoned as a child after his parents were murdered by necromancers and cultists who thought his parents were angels, hes been wandering around for a long time meeting new people on the way, hes a skilled fighter but even htough wat happened to his parents he still doesnt like to fight. but does have a temper if irritated.
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Domonic vladuer 'Paragon of balance'
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