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 Skarlet the Earth bender

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PostSubject: Skarlet the Earth bender   Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:41 pm

Out of character

In character
Height:5' 6"
Weight:102 lbs
Eyecolor: Light green
Haircolor: Light red

Character looks

Skarlet is a tall slim girl who has a mark across her leg from a recent battle when defending her home

Character personality

Skarlet is calm most of the time and loves nature in many ways she Only fights if she has to and barely anythign will make her mad in some way.

What she likes

Skarlet Likes to sit in trees allday and let butterflies land on her and she gets along nicely with almost everything she meets

What she hates

Skarlet hates nosy and careless people, she also dosent like nature haters.

Characters History

Skarlet was a child when she was lost with her parents killed in a riot at the village.
As she walked the streets one night she was spotted by a man named Jasper Juwillien that took her in with his wife Kiara. they were both Earth Elementalist and teached her the art or earth and its surroundings, Skarlet was a good student and learned very well and fast.
But she felt lonely as a only child and soon Jasper and Kiara noticed when she sat in the yard one day and looked at the ground.
Thats when she got her whitetiger Anya. Anya and Skarlet were best friends. Soon skarlet saw Kids play battling with there mounts and powers in 4th grade and started playing it with them. Anya and skarlet were a great team for 4 long months then one day walking home from a battle with friends she came across her house in ashes and her adopted parents were in the front yard in a pile covered in blood dead.
she ran to the woods when she was 15 and lived there with Anya for 5 days when she relised shed have to live here for the rest of her life and still has.


Name: Anya
Eyecolor:Ice Blue


Anya is a slim whitetiger with blueyes and white claws she is peaceful and loves to play with friends.
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Skarlet the Earth bender
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