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 Andrew Himora ; (Hadrows Irl and ic brother) The silent soul

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PostSubject: Andrew Himora ; (Hadrows Irl and ic brother) The silent soul   Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:11 pm


-;Habbo Name:
-;Sex: Male


-;Character's Name:
-; Andrew Himora
-; Draken
-; Dual Soul
-; Male
-; 18
-; 5 foot 9
-; 170 lbs.
-;Eye Color:
-; Black
-;Hair Color:
-; Black
-;Physical Description:
-; Andrew is a tall, muscular Draken. His black eyes frighten many, for they look devilish. He has a dark skin.
-; Shady at times, nice if you get to nkow him
-;Picture(not necessary):
-; Demon form:
-; He carrie a small staff, a scythe, a mace, a katana, daggers, a bow and arrows, a sickle, and a 10" knife.
-;Weapon Picture:
-; None.
-; Gryphon. andrews gryphon has a jet black body, and a white head. He is very strong, and stands a good 8 feet tall. When andrew forms into his demon form, the Gryphion forms also, turning into a skeletal like gryphon that breathes fire. He attacks at anyone threatining his master. His claws have razor sharp, and his beak is jagged. He also has a pet Hawk named Drane. He is a powerful hawk with large blakc wings.
-;Mount Picture:
-; None.
-;Character History: Andrew was born 2 years after his older brother, Athriku, and 1 year after his sister, Aira. His mother was a Queen of a large kingdom of drakens, and his father killed ihself when he found out Andrew would be born. Andrew ran away at age 12, and has explored since, he came to a land on many creatures, and decides to stay there. He meats mean people, and friendly people. He enjoys his demon form, and he dislikes his human form. He has jet black wings that have a span of 13 ft. at the age of 15, his brother hired an assasin to kill him. But Andrew heard of this before the attack, so he hunted the Assasin, and killed him first. He now stays away form his brother, and usually anyone else. If he talks to you, you are lucky. He enjoys the power of his demon form, so he switches not to harm, but too feel stronger. He hasn't seen his sister since he was 9, because she ran away also, at the age of 10.

Andrew's Demon History ; Andrew figured out he can change when he turned 6, when he was mad at him brother, and wished he can turn inti a monster. He got his wish. He formed into a tall, Demon-like state that can breathe under water. When he forms he grows gills onto his back. He is very poweful, and fought his brother. When they fought he broke his brothers Legs. Ouch. It was then his sister became afraid of him. He then hated himself for that. He almost killed himself, but his brother stopped him. 7 years later, he met up with his brother. His brother, was a loodthirsty Demon. He then wanted to kill his brother. He attacked him. Almost killing Athriku, he stopped, and let him drow in the ocean. He thpught he was dead. 1 year later he saw someone hed never seen in a lng time. It was his brother. He was in a forest sitting in a tree. His brother came up to one man and said to kill Andrew at all costs. He then jumped down and killed the Assasin. His brother got away just in time.

Andrew's family.




Andrew does not consider his brother Family.
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Andrew Himora ; (Hadrows Irl and ic brother) The silent soul
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