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 MajidAkemi "The silent killer"

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PostSubject: MajidAkemi "The silent killer"   Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:10 pm


-;Habbo Name:Thelegend08


-;Character's Name:Majid Akemi
-;Race Youkai
-;Class Elmentalist
-;Eye Color: Gray (Changes to red)
-;Hair Color: Blackish
-;Physical Description: Tal well built teenager,Has gray wolf like eyes with wolf teeth.
-;Personality:Inpatient,Loud mouth,Swears a lot,
-;Picture(not necessary):
Majid Akemi


Kenji Akemi (Majids Brother)
-;Weapon Picture:
Silver Maul

-;Dual katanas two black katanas.

-;Mount:White wolf
-;Mount Picture:

Renji Majid baby wolf this wolf calls out to either its mom or dad, but this is Majids mount.
The orange one.

-;Character History: Hashi Majids grandpa was meditating in the woods when a wolf attacked this wolf was strong and he had to seal him away, he than sealed him into his body. He had kids named "Mya" and "Kenji" these kids grew with wolf like features, Majid was the youngest and Keji was the oldest Kenji grew up strong and taught Majid a lot. He relised when Majid gets mad his eyes turn red and he fights as if he is trying to kill. Majid was in the village square when he was being picked on Majid got mad and his eyes turned red he nearly killed the kids when he was stopped by his father Tokotoro and his Aunt Mya. They took him back to the estate. 2 weeks after what happend Majid,Kenji,Mya, and Tokotoro were eating dinner when they heard lots of people yelling, they went outside to see the villagers at there estate, Toktoro and Mya held them off so that Kenji and Majid could escape Majid was 8 at the time. Tokotoro and Mya are pernonsed dead, even tho they have not found a corpse. Majid and Kenji trained till he was 16 and been looking for people that were there watching. He later found a man name Kasama he explained what happend that day the old man always watched the Akemi clan. The old man explained that Tokotoro and Mya fought the villagers without killing none they knocked them out. Toktoro left Majid Dual katanas and a steel stick. Majid practised with this stick and found the secret to it, the dual katanas were more difficult Majid trained with them and one day it shined red and a ruby was incrested in the middle Majid wondered about it but would never find the out anything about it. Majid grew to be 17 and he knows his Father and Aunt are somwhere, He is still trying to find out where. Majid was a bit different than the other Youkais he doesn't have a tail, none of the Akemi clan do.
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MajidAkemi "The silent killer"
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