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 Karina Rue.

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PostSubject: Karina Rue.   Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:43 am


-;Habbo Name:





-;Character's Name:

-; Karina Rue.




-; Elementalist.




-; 17

-; Height:

- 5'8"


-; 115

-;Eye Color:

-;Dark Brown Eyes.

-;Hair Color:

-;Dark brown

-;Physical Description:

-; Karina Has long dark brown hair, keeps a firm body by working out every day by Rock Climbing and Running.

-; Karina is Loving and Caring to the people she is close to. She can also be feisty at times. But only if you hurt her, she will get you back three times as bad in any way shape or form.



-; She uses her firsts for protection, rock climbing has favored in her part. Other than that she Carries a stave with her at all times.

-;Weapon Picture:

-;; History:
When Karina was about Three, Her and her family got separated. She was found by a guy named Trooper And her took her in and showed her many karate techniques. She has a Black belt in martial arts. When she turned 17, she decided to leave trooper and make her own adventures in life. Walking around the streets she got into many fights but her techniques of karate managed to work out at the end and she won almost every single one of them. So far she has no love life. But Any one that gets in her way of getting what she wants, watch out. She can hurt you badly at the end.
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Karina Rue.
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