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 Voi "Lost Soul" Hajalla

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PostSubject: Voi "Lost Soul" Hajalla   Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:29 am


-;Habbo Name: -Vieras-Sammi-
-;Sex: Female


-;Character's Name: Voi Hajalla
-;Race: Elven.
-;Class: Beast Master.
-;Sex: Female.
-;Age: 16
-;Height: 5'6
-;Weight: 123 Pounds
-;Eye Color: Purple
-;Hair Color: Pink

-;Character History: Voi Was born into a cruel world, Do to the fact she has an extreme temper and very little patients for anyone who is not herself, She is the complete opposite of what an Elf should be. She was born with out the pointed ears or the sharp features so she looks very much human. She seems to hide away in the woods and keeps to herself there, Not wanting anything from the outside world.

-;Personality: Expressive, Anti-social, Explosive Temper, Withdrawn.

;;Charecter Photos;;



Name: Tiikeri.

Age: Unkown.

Sex: Male.

History: Tiikeri has been with Voi since she was born, He has one purple eye which is due to the fact that Voi and Tiikeri's minds are connected. Tiikeri is silent and kind but dangerous when he is threatened or if Voi is threatened, Tiikeri is a gray and ash colored Tiger.
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Voi "Lost Soul" Hajalla
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