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 John "Cross" Fathom

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PostSubject: John "Cross" Fathom   Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:34 pm


-;Habbo Name : Lil-AWOL
-;Sex : Male

: In Character ;

-; Characters' Name: John Fathom
-;Race : Human
-;Class : Warrior
-;Sex : Male
-;Age : 17.
-;Height : 6'5"
-;Weight : 126 pounds.
-;Eye Color : A emotionless silver.
-;Hair Color : White/black.
-; Dad(dead)

-; Mom(dead)

Jasper Fathom- doesn't remember much about him except for this image he keeps in his mind

-; Comrades(Christian Seele)
Close Friend,one that i actually talk with (MajidAkemi) Codename:Relu

-;Physical Description : John is a very athletis person. He may not look it but he can run fast. He has emotionless red eyes that show no mercy. He has a very fearsome look. He looks good,as the ladies say.
-;Personality : John is very solemn, He is a very cold-hearted guy and hard to get along with. You rarely see him around. He will not hesitate to carry out any mission regardless of his feelings. He remains a killing machine. He still longs for his perpose in life. He doesn't chat. He will also ignore you if you try to talk to him. It takes a special kind of person to rip through his "armor".
-; Characters' Picture :

-; All My Masters.First off, Suikotsu

And the scariest, Phobia
the last one,probably the strongest is Kirashimoto

-; Weapon 1: Skorge
-; Weapon Picture :
-; Weapon 2: Fathom
-;Weapon picture:
-; Weapon 3: Shark Sword
-; Weapon picture:
-; Weapon 4: Hydra (dual of skorge)
-: Weapon picture:
-; Mount : No mount.
-; Mount Picture : N/A

-; Characters' History : Same age of his twin brother Jasper, he was at the village when their parents died. They kidnapped him and made him a killing machine. He now feels no remorse for anything. Almost like an impath. He earned the name "Cross" from the way he kills his opponents. He kills them in a cross like cut. Showing that they are sinners. He is very hard to get to know from his traumization of his parents being murdered. As far as he knows, he is just there in life. He has noone at all. He is a loner for the time being. His brother may be the only key to get his memmories back as to him being the one of the few ways he may feel again.

-;Character Theme: Breaking Me Down By Soil
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John "Cross" Fathom
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