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 Knuox the Strange One ;;

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PostSubject: Knuox the Strange One ;;   Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:32 am


Habbo Name: Father-Bear

Sex: Male


Character's Name: Knuox

Race: Gnoll

Class: Bard

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Height: 5'7

Weight: 158 Ibs

Eye Color: Shaddy Purple

Hair Color: Brown with Black Tips

Physical Description:
+ Dog like looking
+ Missing part of left ear
+ Rugged fur
+ Rough leather armour around the body
+ Yellow tinted teeth
+ Jail cuff around right hand

+ Strange
+ Very social, But Speaks riddles
+ Laughs alot
+ Can be a creep when he talks to others
+ Very touch feely

Weapon: Is unequiped

Character History:
In the begining Knuox was a small pup, feeding off his mother not knowing who his father was for Gnoll reasons. He often traveld with his mother at the young ages, she tryed to teach him the ways of the wild and combat, not understanding all the reasoning for blood shed he learned to listen and be kind to others. His mother taught him many ways of the wild and how to live and survive in it. With all these skills Knuox would often go out alone and live for a few days. He became a very good trapper. As he reached his older kid age his mother pushed him aside so he could live alone in the wild. Knuox found that listening to others moved with along his path nicely. He moved in with a group of pickpockets and theives. They showed him many ways to steal from people and not get caught. After many of his friends were exicuted for a great hiest he was on his own again. Later on he found out why his friends were killed, trying to still from the King of the Empire. In his room was a large staff mad of pure jewels, this caught Knuox's eye. He wished to do what the others couldn't and steal this great staff. Learning more of the ways of the gaurds daily plans and routes he slowly made his way in, sneaking in the shadows and silencing his feet. Dropping in from behind a secret route for the Kings escape he landed in the masters room. Lookign around in a black case was the staff, It had a lock on the case made of gold, Knuox was very trained in the ways of a picklock. Busting open the gold lock of course he kept it, when he opened the case he couldn't understand what he saw, a twisted old cane with carvings on the side. This was not what he was after, it was a a fake, the real one was hidden. A loud crack came from behind he, the door slowly creeked open, when Knuox turned around the King stood there. He screamed for the gaurds and to arrest the Gnoll. In a flash of light a man in black robes appeard, he took a fine tipped dagger and slit it across the Kings neck. The crimson blood slowly urged from the neck. The mans face grew pale as he slowly droped to his knees, with a thud the king fell on the ground. Knuox stood there in shock, Not knowing what had just happend. The man who jsut killed the lord of the Empire threw the blade to the ground and ran out the secret path and disappered. Before Knuox could reach the door a arrow struck his back. A squad of gaurds then pined him to the ground. He was frammed. He was guilty fot the attepmt to steal the staff, but he was sent to the gallows for muder of the King. In the middle of the court yard Knuox stood on a barrle, a large brutish man stood beside him, his faced covered with a black cowel. The crowd cheering for the board below Knoux to drop. In the back of the crowd Knuox saw him, the man in black robes. He was leaning on the walls of a small shop, waiting for his frammed one to be killed. Knoux yelled and screamd to the man to show himself, people looked aroudn to see what he was talking about, the howl of Knuox peirced the ears of all, screamung with loud force they covered thier hearing and fell to the ground. Slipping one of the sharp claws to his hands that were tied he cut loose, settling himself free. Moments after the gaurds rushed in, The had him circled, there was nothing the poor Gnoll could do. A general emerged from behind them and gave the Gnoll a deal. Death or Prison. Without hesitation Knuox followed the gaurds to his cell, He was sentenced to five years in prision. As the days went by, the screaming and yellign of the inmates got to the furred one. He started to go insane. Twitching randomly and often drooling over the slighest things he started to try to read the papers the gaurds would toss at them. He learned more confusing words other Gnolls had no knowledge of. Reading poems and poems over and over again he started to speak riddles, The gaurds laughed at his stupidity. The five years were up. The cell door was opened, Knuox slowly got to his feet, hunched over in a creepy posture he darted from the prision. The gaurds didn't even have time to remove the jail cuffs from Knuoxs hands. Diving off a second story roof he landed on the ground, he continued to run, he was free, The was colours, green grass, blur skys, no kore grey stone. Knuox not learninf from what happend before started to pickpocket again. This time he study the people more to understand what was thier wealth and if they could afford to loose. He takes not from the poor but only the rich. After he grew tired of the current city he lived in were he was disliked for the " Murder " of the King, he left for a new life. New pockets to pick, new stalls to steal. In a new city a few miles away from the old Knuox started over. When he took his first few steps in the city he saw the most beautiful girl ever, Her long brown hair at shoulder length, There nicely toned skin and golden eyes shinned in the light, her smile seemed to glow and her words priceless. The Gnoll started to wait in the shadows to watch the girl. He watched her daily schedual. Soon making small talk with her she seemed to not mind the confused talking of Knuox. After a slow three months Knuox was getting ready to asker her for a relation when a man, tall in figure with short hair and stocky shoulders approched her. He dropped to one knee and flicked open his hand showing a ring. The girl with golden eyes started to cry, she wrapped her arms around him and accepted this sign of love. Knuox couldn't belive what he had just seen, the girl he statred to love was gone. Knuox didn't allow this, the mits of the night he broke in, the door posed no challenge for his pick lock skills. After finding her room he hit her on the side of the head with a candel stand made of brass to knock her out. He placed the limp body over his shoulders and darted from the city. A few hours after the event the girl awoke. Shocked to seeing a large cavern above a large mountain range a few hours form the city. Knuox waited thier with a large fire for warmth, Flowers surrounding the bad he had made and a meal sitting beside her. With blunt force a slap flew across the furred mans face, making him stummble back. She then screamed at the top of her lungs. The eco of the large voice boomed out the cavern, flowing throught the air like water down a river. Knuox placed his hands around her neck trying to make her stop. She struggled and fought to break free. He held tighter, she then started to gasp for air, The bright light in the golden eyes faded. The warm hand that was slapping at the Gnolls face slowly slide down his cheek and fell limp to the side. Releasing at the girl now she fell to the floor, Knuox checked for a heart beat. None could be found, without knowing he had murdered her, took the air from her very lungs. Knuox just wanted to be with her, he wanted what the other man was going to have, true love. But from his own greed he had destroyed anything that could have been. To hide his mistake Knoux dragged her to the fire, He slowly pushed her cold body over the glowing embers. Sparks flew as the body bounced off the wood. The black smoke slowly moved out of the cave. The Gnoll left soon after the body was engolfed in flames. He couldn't go back to the city, Not if anyone seen him, he couldn't go back to jail. He would surly be killed for what he did. He feld into the woods. The image of the girl fallming down with no motion burend into his head, at times he could see her walk, a faint image of her figure glowing in the woods, whispering in his ear. The girl haunted him. Knoux screamed her name over and over, breaking into tears and curling into a ball. He would watch the fire, seeing her laying there, every time. The insanity drove through him, taking over his body. He is not the same, not after a murder he did do.

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PostSubject: Re: Knuox the Strange One ;;   Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:37 pm

I like the wolf hes cute <3
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PostSubject: Re: Knuox the Strange One ;;   Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:13 pm

Meh, just what i would expect from you. xDD


Im forming an Allience. Bringing some of the Strongest Rp'ers togethor. xD

Your invited. flower
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PostSubject: Re: Knuox the Strange One ;;   Thu Jan 01, 2009 7:07 pm

I like The Wolf It's Awsome...
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PostSubject: Re: Knuox the Strange One ;;   Fri Jan 02, 2009 4:57 pm

All it is, is a wolf.
And it walks?

And i updated my bio again, yay me.
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PostSubject: Re: Knuox the Strange One ;;   

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Knuox the Strange One ;;
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