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 Arcane; The Destroyer

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PostSubject: Arcane; The Destroyer   Sun Dec 28, 2008 5:04 pm

;; Out Of Character ;;

-; Habbo Name - Nunu19

-; Sex- Male

;; In Character ::

-; Name - Arcane

-; Race - Drow

-; Class - Elementalist

-; Sex- Male

-; Age- 15

-; Height- 6.4

-; Weight - 97 lb.

-; Eye Color - Changes with element he is using/normally white.

-; Hair Color- Silver

-; Description- Tall, Lean, and muscular.

-; Personality - Destructive, quiet, disruptive, man of action. He enjoys long walks out in the forest. When he meets someone out in the open he either stares and see's if the person has a strong enough will to escape the trance in his eyes. So far in all his life only one has escaped the trance of his pure white eyes. I shall not name this strong willed person.Arcane has a strong and rasp voice that usually rings in the heads of the unlucky person that he is talking to. He rarely talks at all unless required to. He strikes silently and quickly when he sees and opening, he will pursue his victoms to the end of time.

-; Picture - [center]

-; Weapon- Magical Dark Staff

-; Weapon Picture -

This is Arcane's weapon when he Transforms into his Dark Form. It has a unkown power that is concealed from even him.

-; Light Weopan picture-

This is Arcane's weapon when he is in his normal quiet form.

-; Magic Ring -

This ring has unimagineable powers. Only unleashed while in a rage or severe pain.

-; Magic Necklace -

Relative to the his magical ring this necklace enhances all elemental attacks done such as water, fire, earth, and air. It can also channel its power into his ring in order to create his own elemental attack without having to have a supply form where it comes from. Like he could summon a tidal wave out of nowhere even without the water being there.

-; Mount - Griffon

-; Mount Picture -

-; Character History- Arcane is 15 years old, he has control over all the elements known to man.He usually has a green mask on and shades...most of the time its just the mask. He does this to conceal his identidy to anyone he meets and greets. He killed his mother and father when he was very young. They died in a terrible storm that he caused on a accident. As a result he tends to stay distant or "far" as people would say. He has a alter ego wich resides in the depths of his mind. This was brought on by a terrible witch named Esabella who is to this day still alive. Arcane has to live with the terrible lost he has endured. He now wanders the Earth trying to destroy things pointlessly in a display of rage...for wat he has done. He wears human clothes all the time to pretend to be human. The wich Esabella also after Arcane died granted him powers over the elements. He died by the hands of a necromancer, and was brought back by Esabella who granted him the power to destroy the man that killed him, but with it came a terrible price...the death of his parents he was only 7 when this event occured.Will this drow ever come to his senses?
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Arcane; The Destroyer
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