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 Jasper Fathom "Alter Impath"

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Jasper Fathom


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PostSubject: Jasper Fathom "Alter Impath"   Sat Dec 27, 2008 7:14 pm


-;Habbo Name : PentiumFour
-;Sex : Male

: In Character ;

-; Characters' Name: Jasper Fathom
-;Race : Human
-;Class : Impath
-;Sex : Male
-;Age : 17.
-;Height : 6'2"
-;Weight : 120 pounds.
-;Eye Color : A devilish red.
-;Hair Color : White/Gray.

-;Physical Description : Jasper is a tall, stocky and devious looking man, white hair that flows in a seductive way. A cute face underneath his hair, with eyes of the devil that show death in his past. Jasper dresses very clean and organized, generally wearing a stylish black trench coat and ironed black pants. Often found wearing white shoes of all sorts.

-;Personality : Jasper is very shy, but when he decides to open up, he is very smooth and charming, he has a very mysterious side to him though. Not a very talkative person, and in the midst of a conversation he tends to disappoint people by walking away, or something ignorant like that. He enjoys very much a nice fresh apple every once and a while, and even when doing this he remains very seductive and smooth. Many people are attracted to his eyes, but the wise people can see his past right through those devilish eyes.

-; Characters' Picture :

-; Weapon : A small onyx ring, bound to his finger. This ring doesnt seem like much, but it shouldn't be under-estimated.
-; Weapon Picture :

-; Mount : No mount.
-; Mount Picture : N/A

-; Characters' History :
Jaspers past is thought to be irrelavant by most, but in reality his past hides many keys to the present, and many keys to the future. When Jasper was born into a world of Hate. Nobody knows when or why Jasper became numb, nor does he. This choice was not his, Jasper dreams of the day that he can feel emotions just as others do. At a young age Jaspers home town was raided by a group of mysterious beings. To this day he doesnt know who or what they are. Jaspers entire town was set aflame, and those creatures killed off everyone in the town, includeing his wonderful parents and his brother John, or so he assumes. Jasper himself managed to escape through a feild right close to his house. Knowing full well his parents had been killed Jasper never looked back, never once. Of course at this time Jasper couldnt cry, nor could he have hate toward these people, as he can't feel any emotion. Jasper eventually had got out of this field and ran through the forest to another town, it was late late in the night by the time he reached this town. As jasper entered this towns giant gates he was quickly pushed into an alley by a group of men. They told him that they seen an aura upon him, that he had the power to feel the emotions of others. They took jasper in as his family, he trusted them as they were his only hope. They trained him day after day, and eventually Jaspers' power had become so strong that he could not only feel the emotions of others, but change them. These men gave Jasper a black ring, and told him he would know how to use it. The moment he put this ring on, it fused to his finger. Jasper suddenly did know how to use this new found power. The odd ways that Jasper had been trained were now over, this ring with a snap of the finger or wave of the hand allowed Jasper to instantly tap into peoples emotions. Doing this created a black flame around his entire hand that the ring was on. Hesistant of this at first Jasper didnt use the ring much, but eventually grew in to it. At the age of 15 Jasper had left the small cabin that he and the 3 men had lived in. He had started a new journy, he wanted to live a normal life. After these years of travel Jasper now lives a normal life, Interacting with people is somewhat uncomfortable or Jasper as he beleives that there is no such thing as trust nor friends. To this day Jasper is searching for the day that he will be able to feel. Until then he isn't hesitant to remove all obstacles that get in his way.

-; Jasper's Family : All of Jaspers family is thought to be dead, these are the most recent pictures available before the town being raided:

-;Jasper's Mother : - One of the ninja superiors of the village, one of the best in most of the land.

-;Jasper's Father : - A Shogun of the village and of the entire country, shogun meaning but not literally translated to official samurai.

-;Jasper's Brother : - Not much is known as they were both young children, and his brother had been killed in the fire, or so it was assumed.

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PostSubject: Re: Jasper Fathom "Alter Impath"   Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:37 pm

HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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Jasper Fathom "Alter Impath"
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