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 Thel Vadamee

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Thel Vadamee

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PostSubject: Thel Vadamee   Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:31 pm

Habbo Name: NiceAttire
Name:Thel Vadamee
Height: 6ft 5inches
Weight:180lbsEye Color:Blue/Yellow
Hair color:Gray
Physical Description:Tall muscular Cloaked Large Teeth. Wolf ears. Key to safe on chest.
Personality:Peaceful but short tempered when angry
Weapon: Bow/ Purity sword/ Jaws+Claws
Weapon pic:N/A
Mount: Currently:Dragon/Phoenix mix. Very Agressive. It is called Hellios and was found by thel as an egg. His mount is very loyal to thel and is found around his cabin. This breed was created when the firebird Pelios and The Dragon Smaug died in a great battle. Thier spirit became an egg of a new generation.
Mount pic:
History: Raised in a harsh pack since birth he has seen and commited many atrocities. He vowed never to kill without reason and left during his coming of age. He travels around trying to befreind and make a living. He is cloaked and lost an eye in a mysterious accident. You often find him roaming the woods collecting and studying.But inside his rage is building. Twisted Evil. But truthfully he will never escape his past. to pay for it he was branded with a mark on the back of his neck that symbolizes his wrongdoings. It is in the shape of a wolf and means that he has to go through something that painfully reminds him..

When thel uses his cursed mark he goes into a state of agonizing pain and becomes a demonic wolf.



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Thel Vadamee
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