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 Unrevealed Name; Alchemic Human.

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PostSubject: Unrevealed Name; Alchemic Human.   Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:26 pm


-;Habbo Name:
-; Motorization
-; Yes Please.

-;Character's Name:
-; Unknown.
-; Human.
-; Alchemist.
-; Male.
-; 21.
-; 6'1.
-; 105.
-;Eye Color:
-; Gray.
-;Hair Color:
-; Black/White.
-;Physical Description:
-; Thin, unhealthy appearance, toned muscles, not bulky, lazy eyes, seems tired, bad posture.
-; Arrogant, quiet.
-;Picture(not necessary):
-; Maybe some other time.
-; None.
-;Weapon Picture:
-; N/A.
-; None.
-;Mount Picture:
-; N/A.
-;Character History:
-; Very, very few people know of this mans past. Those few that do, are six feet under, at least.
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Unrevealed Name; Alchemic Human.
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