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 Chris ;; Teen Wolf Youkai

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PostSubject: Chris ;; Teen Wolf Youkai   Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:22 pm


-;Habbo Name:DeathMaster14


-;Character's Name:Chris
-;Eye Color:Red
-;Hair Color:Black
-;Physical Description:Large Cat Ears, And Tail, & Teeth, claw like finger nails, Mouth Covered By Doctors Mask , Dark Grey Boots & Pants.
-;Physcial Picture:
-;Personality:Usually Pretty Content , At Times a bit Pissy.
-;Weapon:Dual Kunai
-;Weapon Picture:
-;Character History:Chris Was Born Into A Clan Known As The Steel Clan , But Was Bitten At The Age Of 14 By A Youkai , And Infected , Soon Being Rejected From Steel Clan, For They Thought Of Him As A Demon, He Learned To Use Kunai Even With His Claw Like Finger Nails, And Is Very Well With Them At His Current Age, 17...
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Chris ;; Teen Wolf Youkai
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