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 Rage WhindFeeld

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PostSubject: Rage WhindFeeld   Fri Dec 26, 2008 4:44 pm

Name; ShaunDilli
Ic Name; Rage Whindfeeld
Race; BeastMaster
Eye; White
Mouth; Covered By Scarf
Power; Self Mutilation
Torso; Bone Armour
Belt; Orange
Pants; Black, Grey
Shoes; Grey Top, Black Sole

Name; :: No one is Dragon yet ::
Ic Name; Tamed
Class; Beast, Dragon
Race; Dragon
Owner; Rage Whindfeeld
Power; Breathable Fire, Vanishing, Wind Manipulation
Head; Spikey
Under Chin; A Bit Of Extra Skin
Neck; Long, Muscular
Wings; Long, Sharp At Ends
Chest; Bulcky, Broad
Arm; Muscular, Short
Nails; 1 Foot Thick x 2 Feet Long
Tail; Spikey, 100+ Feet

Name; :: No one is Wolf yet ::
Ic Name; Fang
Class; Beast, Wolf
Race; Wolf, Dog
Owner; Rage, Tai [Orochisama]
Body; Built
Teeth; 3 Inches
Claws; 4 Inches

Rage's Life Story Until 19:
Rage was born September 15, 1990. He had a normal life until he got in a stupid argument with his mother. He made the dumbest decision by leaving the house and running off at 7. He kept going until 3 days went by. By then he couldn't go back, he was too young to know his way back. So he eventually went to mountain terrains at 8. He met a goat for the first time. He went to pet it and it rammed his arm. His bone popped out as the goat ran off. This is where he discovers his ability. He tries to push it back in, but it felt impossible. Then he pulledit and it all came out. He freaked by dropping it, leaving his arm droopy. he picked it up and forced back in by figuring out the same exact way it came out. Years later, at age 11. He finds an egg. Weeks later, in the caves, the egg hatches. Thinking it was a baby chick he finds himself with a dragon. Now at age 19, knowing his ability and how to fly a dragon, he finds a wolf. Later finding a Youkai, he gives the wolf to the youkai to take care of for a while.
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Rage WhindFeeld
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